Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I’m Carole and I was born in Paris . My mother tongue is French and I speak French at home even though I live in Sao Paulo , Brazil, where Portuguese is the official language. I can speak Spanish and Portuguese, but I’m very bad at English. My mother is Spanish. She immigrated to France at the age of 5 My father is French. They met by chanceon a bus! And now they are in love and I am here, speaking French and Spanish! =)
I have always lived with a mother who is catholic and a father who is an atheist. So I make a mix and I have my own religion, my own god, somebody I imagine in my mind and somebody with whom I speak, but somebody I know doesn’t exist.
I can say I’m lucky because I have an economic status which is normal for Europe, but here, in Brazil, I am at an advantage if compared with the poverty that we can see here.

The culture that best represents me is French, of course, because I have always lived in France and I was educated in French by French parents.. My habits are French. For example, we have diner at the same time-slot as in France - we haven’t changed that! But when you come to live in a foreign country, you have to integrate. I mean you have to do your best to be like the others. If you are in a country where alcohol is forbidden you don’t drink alcohol. You should follow what the law of the country asks you to do.
With globalization, people travel a lot. For example in my community, many students are multilingual, they have theirmother tongue and they have the other languages from the different countries where they lived. If I pick a friend of mine as an example, her mother tongue is English, but she speak French with us, and she can speak Portuguese too because she lived in Brazil.

Learning foreign language should be fostered because the language of a country allows to and people´s roots, Wwhen you learn a new language, you enquire about the country, the religion, the customs….

It is certain that foreign languages give you a better status! Now to have a good job you have to speak many languages. Why? Because now, the world operates with globalization, and the principle of globalization is to export towards all the world. So if you want to earn your living, be a member of this society, or travel, you are at an advantage if you speak other languages.

Some languages are privileged in the world, and others are looked down upon. The first language spoken in the world is English. Everybody wants to know English. Then you have Spanish, or French. But some languages like Czech or Italian are less recognized.

The difficulties when you are trying to learn a new language is without any doubt the accent and the conjugation! And next mistranslation (faux amis). And when you have to speak another language, the main challenge is to think only in this language, I mean, you have to forget your language for an instant and be focused on the other. And next you can begin to speak. But it’s very hard.

Well I think the better thing to can learn a new language is to go on the country and learn with the inhabitants. And next the studies help you to learn the conjugation, the root. But is not possible for everyone to travel and can learn in foreign country. So, of courses studies ensures to learn languages, but it’s more difficult because you have to learn so much! And this can discourage a few.

Today, English is already the dominant language of global communication. For my country, France, this means that most part of population have to learn English.
English is ideal for business but in comparison with the wealth of vocabulary in French , the English language can’t express the French feelings. Because I think French is a richer language and carries more feelings.
Now, one question we can ask ourselves is that today the dominant language is English but what about tomorrow? Because we can see the rise of Chinese And if tomorrow the dominant language is Mandarin, will we learn it at school? Think about it!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is it a true love in the world ?

Judyfang says in her blog, she watched a film where a couple breaks off which led her to the impression true love does not exist. I do not agree with her because she got her idea from a film which s a fiction where the film maker projects, among other things, personal dreams , ghosts or deception

Love is true, all you need is love!! If you succeed in being in love for one day, you are already a hero. I think love can be true and when we talk about love, it's always true.

However, love can also be just a game and love can play tricks on you. At the end, people may end up separated or they may live happily and have many children. Whatever way, there love existed at a certain moment and people truly connected.

True love does not need to be eternal.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who is Henry Moore ?

Henry Moore on holiday in ItalyHenry Moore was born in July 1898 he was a very famous sculptor. At his 18 Moore was enlisted in the civil services rifles 15th London regiment. He served his king honorably for 2 years.
He began sculpted in the twenties and the early thirties are perfect examples of deeply romantic English lyricism with a great feeling for landscape and natural forms.
The year 1928 marks a major turning point in Moore's career, his remarkable talent was finally being recognized and he received his first public commission to produce a relief for Charles Holden's new London Transport headquarters above St James's Park Underground Station.Henry Moore with his elmwood Reclining Figure, 1939
His art is a mist to cubism and Abstract Art Exhibition. He publish on the all of the world, in Spain, in America, Amsterdam, London, France... He expose his art in the world and he became famous. In his last years Henry Moore was fêted by public and politicians alike.
A few years before his death Moore gave the whole estate of Perry Green with its land, studios, houses, cottages, archives and collection of work to the Trustees of the Henry Moore Foundation, the aims of which were to conserve the work and reputation of the artist and the setting in which the work was created, and to assist the arts in general and in particular to promote sculpture within the cultural life of the country. In 1980 Moore also laid the foundation stone for the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, which is endowed by the Henry Moore Foundation.
Henry Moore died at the age of eighty-eight on the 31st of August 1986 and the press, which had been so hard on him in his early years as a sculptor, now praised his great achievements. Since the death of Sir Winston Churchill, Henry Moore has been the most internationally acclaimed of Englishmen, honored by every civilized country in the world, declared the Daily Telegraph (31 August 1986).
The travel to pinacoteca

On Friday we have a very good time, first we go on the bus at 11h 00 we arrived at 11h 25 mais o meno and we eat. We take photo and we go to see the exposition so it very interesting because his art it's a little strange but it was very good. But next we go to see a film about Moore's life and that was very boring! Because first it was in English with subtitle in Portuguese and I am very bad in both! So I have not understand nothing about this film just he was born in 1898 and died in 1986.
So I don't like the film but the rest of the exposition was great and the woman who speak for us was clear and I understand and I like what she says. No really I think all the class like this sortie, because we have fun and now we know many things.
So if it is possible go here and see the exposition and next go on a parks eat a sandwich and go to see the aquarium where you can see enormous fish and a green water.

Monday, May 09, 2005

heros and heroine

My heroine

For me a hero is not necessary someone who is very strong or beautiful but someone who change something important or helps other people.
My heroine is a heroine and she is Simone Veil.
She was born on July 1927 in Nice in France. On march 1944 she was arrested and deported on April 1944 to Auschwitz, because she was Jewish. She was set free on April 1945.
She got married with Antoine Veil in 1946 and they have got 3 children.
For me she is an heroine because,from 1974 to 1979 she was minister of health she liberated the access to contraception in 1974. She became famous because the law of abortion has her name. On her account the government accepted to vote the law to allow women to interrupt pregnancy in 1975. After that, she was the first president of the European assembly. Later from 1993 to 1995, she was minister of social affairs of health and the city. Since 1998 she has been a member of the constitutional board in France.
This woman lived the horrors of war, in spite of that she reconstructed her life, and she fought for the rights of women . She changed the minds and despite being a woman she achieved it. And now, women can thank her for allowing us to choose.
So she is a heroine, MY heroine !

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Molly Pitcher Heroine

P. 30
This document is a painting made by Dennis Malone carter in 1854. It's just a detail as we can see just a part of the drawing. This picture represents the American war of independence.
Molly is wearing a red dress unlike the rest of the picture which is grey.It's a scene of war,where American and the British. Many people are rither deador! We can also see a canon who was just been cleaned by Molly. Molly look like a leader for the others. We can see her on the first ground and she has one arm up and in the background we can see soldiers on horses. She served heroically for the remaider of the battle,after taking her husband's placw at the cannon when he fell to the grows exhanstes by the heat. Some sources say that her original name was Mary Ludwing but we are not sure. The only things what we are sureof are that Molly Pitcher was the heroic woman of the times!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

George and the dragon

George and the dragon Is painting by Edward Burne-Jones made in 1868. The painter lived from 1833 to 1898.
George is the knight,and he is saving,protecting a princess. Maiden in distress. The knight is slaying the dragon. He is tall and he has brown hair. He must be between 20 and 30 years. He is very handsome. His shirring armory, shield, sword, spear. The dragon looks like a reptile, more specially a crocodile. The body is covered with scales and he is wriggling like a worm. In agony, it has got enormous teeth and a big tongue. It is ugly because he is a dragon! in the background
of the picture we can see the princess. Her name is Sabia,she looks like fragile in her frilly dress. The dragon has been pierced by the knight. So the knight won and the dragon lost !

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

stereotype europeen and italian

it is a film who we can see europeans and italians and the differents kind of particularity they are
a man did that his name is bruno bozzetto is an italian
it is so funny,this man nous montre que europeans and italians are so deifferents its exagerate but it's very funny he thinks italian are not same than europeen he says on the beginin : "this film is dedicate to those who believe that italians behave the same that all others europeans" so next that we can see the differents of attitude about europeans and italians.in this film they are so complicate in burocraties for exemple or they are impolite drivers...
GO HERE!!!!! you will fall in love!! lol